Tuesday, May 14, 2013

X-Box Live

                                                                        Online Play May Lead to Aggression

        Yes! Yes! Yes! NOoooo whatt the FU****** Yeah that is the usual SH*** that happens online while playing any X-Box game online. You got this amazing kill streak going, Never have you ever done so good in your life before! Oh how you wish your brothers, sisters, and friends were here because they would never believe how good you were doing right then.

        Well the match is coming to a close and you have stopped being so risky and decided to hang back in your spawn just waiting for those last seconds on the clock to vanish, because then, then you would be the star. You would have all these kills and no deaths. You would be in control over the whole lobby.

         Remember this?... Yes! Yes! Yes! NOoooo whatt the FU******. Yeah that was you with only 34 seconds left on the clock getting killed by some random noob who just got X-Box live for the first time cause Christmas day was 3 hours ago and he has been playing non-stop waiting for his first kill. And you were it.
So all in all be fore warned about the extreme condition gamers are exposed to every day and the next time you see an upset gamer maybe give him a pat on the shoulder and say "next time".

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