Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Classroom Chit and don't forget that Chat!

                                                   People In Class
        Have you ever had a class with a group of kids that converse the whole entire period. Have you ever tuned in long enough to understand that what they are talking about has nothing to do with that days lesson?
        Yeah, so have I.

        I noticed myself this very day swapping conversation with just such a group. I was listening. I was laughing. And at times communicating with this group. Now let me say this. When I first realized these "going ons", I remarked to my friend that I could not believe the things I was hearing and how imberrassed I would be if I were to ever participate in such methods.

        In short I gave in, I fell into a dark pit. And not just any dark pit, but one that even if one were to crawl out everything would still not be okay. However in truth I found this to be pleasurable and probably will converse again before the school year is out.

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