Wednesday, April 10, 2013


                                       RAGE ANGER SWEAT AND TEARS
               That my fellow followers and amazing bloggers is what my tennis match consisted of today.
As the first game point comenssed I was eager to win a great landslide victory. My hopes were high entering the second match a whole 1-0, me winning. Towards the end of the second match the tension was as so thick in the air you could jump into it and swim around, if one desired to do so. BANG the yellow sphere swoorled through the air at an unreal speed, finding its way into the far left corner. AHHHHHHH FU***(funky) nuggets!!! The sound being emmitted out of my larynx was that of failure, anger, and dispare. How would I ever recover from this crucial blow??

                As it turns out, thats just it, I didnt recover.

                The rest of the game my head was clouded with bitter thoughts towards all my uneffective training and, ironically enough, lack of self control. Through the the rough journey I sweated like an ox, if not like a buffalo!!!
                 This mental break down I had today was not a desirable one, and I must never succumb to such treacherous mind trickery, if I am ever expected to ever win again.