Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Ring? Try Gapping Hole

                                                                       Pure Playin' thats all im Sayin'

      I had a rather, well, a rather depressing day. This day strained apon my mind with such freverence I almost had an anxiety attack. Now with this being said, I'm sure you are all wondering how this came to be?.. Am I right?

      Apon yesturdays mourn I received quite the gift from a more than aquantence yet not a full fledged friend. This great gift, this gift of all gifts was not, in fact, a glowing lamp leg (kuudos to all those who understood this little joke) but rather the X-Box game commenly known as Black Ops.

      I decided that day that it was prudent I play a little bit of this game to break it in and be a courteous gift recipiant. And what better way to do this than skip school? Exactly my point, their is no better way.
      As my gaming experience comenced the hours quickly slip through my fingers, this might have actually been due to the steady flow of sweat flowing from my hands and sliding down the controller.


      ... What the..? was my first responce. What was that? Apon quick review I noticed the sparks fly from the X-Box console and my nose detected a rather overwhelming smell of smoke. The console had short cercuited due to the extream amount of sweat coating its outter body. So in all X-Box's are not water proof, and for that matter water resistance.

      I was aggrivated at the low quality of mechanics used in the X-Box but am glad to be announcing the short arrival of the new console I have sent off for.

X-Box Live

                                                                        Online Play May Lead to Aggression

        Yes! Yes! Yes! NOoooo whatt the FU****** Yeah that is the usual SH*** that happens online while playing any X-Box game online. You got this amazing kill streak going, Never have you ever done so good in your life before! Oh how you wish your brothers, sisters, and friends were here because they would never believe how good you were doing right then.

        Well the match is coming to a close and you have stopped being so risky and decided to hang back in your spawn just waiting for those last seconds on the clock to vanish, because then, then you would be the star. You would have all these kills and no deaths. You would be in control over the whole lobby.

         Remember this?... Yes! Yes! Yes! NOoooo whatt the FU******. Yeah that was you with only 34 seconds left on the clock getting killed by some random noob who just got X-Box live for the first time cause Christmas day was 3 hours ago and he has been playing non-stop waiting for his first kill. And you were it.
So all in all be fore warned about the extreme condition gamers are exposed to every day and the next time you see an upset gamer maybe give him a pat on the shoulder and say "next time".

Classroom Chit and don't forget that Chat!

                                                   People In Class
        Have you ever had a class with a group of kids that converse the whole entire period. Have you ever tuned in long enough to understand that what they are talking about has nothing to do with that days lesson?
        Yeah, so have I.

        I noticed myself this very day swapping conversation with just such a group. I was listening. I was laughing. And at times communicating with this group. Now let me say this. When I first realized these "going ons", I remarked to my friend that I could not believe the things I was hearing and how imberrassed I would be if I were to ever participate in such methods.

        In short I gave in, I fell into a dark pit. And not just any dark pit, but one that even if one were to crawl out everything would still not be okay. However in truth I found this to be pleasurable and probably will converse again before the school year is out.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


                                       RAGE ANGER SWEAT AND TEARS
               That my fellow followers and amazing bloggers is what my tennis match consisted of today.
As the first game point comenssed I was eager to win a great landslide victory. My hopes were high entering the second match a whole 1-0, me winning. Towards the end of the second match the tension was as so thick in the air you could jump into it and swim around, if one desired to do so. BANG the yellow sphere swoorled through the air at an unreal speed, finding its way into the far left corner. AHHHHHHH FU***(funky) nuggets!!! The sound being emmitted out of my larynx was that of failure, anger, and dispare. How would I ever recover from this crucial blow??

                As it turns out, thats just it, I didnt recover.

                The rest of the game my head was clouded with bitter thoughts towards all my uneffective training and, ironically enough, lack of self control. Through the the rough journey I sweated like an ox, if not like a buffalo!!!
                 This mental break down I had today was not a desirable one, and I must never succumb to such treacherous mind trickery, if I am ever expected to ever win again.